About Christopher David

I’m a photographer based in the small New England town of Keene, New Hampshire. Developing and refining my style since 2005, I’ve come to describe my photographic approach as Creative Documentary.  

An appreciation of people, the human condition, and the stories that give them life, have always been fascinating to me. I’m endlessly amazed by the fact that we, as human beings, have the intelligence to engineer a system to put a person on the moon while at the same time have emotional centers that can be brought to tears of despair or joy.  

I have fond memories of the connection between stories and pictures, and the connection between pictures and emotions. As a child I would visit my grandparents nearly every day after school. My grandfather would always be found in the den and to get there I would have to pass a table, that to this day may be the longest table I’ve ever seen. It was completely covered with photo albums.  Leafing through any of the numerous albums and inquisitively pointing to a picture would always lead to my grandfather telling a story that was so much better than afternoon television or doing my homework. I was captivated by the power photographs had to transport my grandfather back to the time the photograph was taken. Within the frame of the photograph, my imagination would then bring that photo to life. It was magic. 

As I became a photographer in my adulthood, the kid in me, who has never been afraid to color outside the lines, had such difficulty with the seemingly formulaic process professional photographers used to make their pictures. There was the technical accuracy needed when engineering that system to put a person on the moon; but I wanted the magic too. The technically perfect picture seemed to be more about the photographer than the people within the frame.  

Throughout my career as a photographer, I’ve drawn from the kid in me who will go slightly outside the conventional lines, the kid in me who loved my grandfather’s stories of photographs. The resulting photographic style is one where creating an emotional story telling photograph is given equal importance to its visual appeal: Creative Documentary Photography.